My unique logo, a visual fusion of the hat I always wear and the perpetual smile on my face, embodies my distinct style and the joy I bring to my creative pursuits. As a creative spirit passionate about art direction and problem-solving, my journey began in San Francisco, where I honed my skills at Goodby Silverstein and Partners, art directing for the legendary Rich Silverstein.
Fueled by passion and a thirst for new experiences, I took my creativity worldwide, contributing to top agencies like Jung Von Matt in Hamburg and Strawberry Frog in Amsterdam, drawing inspiration from diverse corners of the globe.
Currently based in Chicago, I find myself wholly immersed in the dynamic advertising scene at The Marketing Arm, crafting stories that captivate. At the core of my creative exploration, I am intrigued by diving into new technologies like AI and seeking innovative ways to connect with audiences authentically.
Weaving stories that resonate and visuals that linger, my creative philosophy is a delightful blend of resonance and emotion, earning a heartfelt smile 😄. While my work has earned prestigious advertising awards and magazine covers, what truly fulfills me is the intimate network of friendships cultivated along the way.
I'm always enthusiastic about potential opportunities and eager to connect with those who are passionate about innovative and impactful work.